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Where “good enough” is not enough

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“Intellectual elegance is a lifelong battle against vulgarity.” —Massimo Vignelli

Since its founding by James Wasserman in 1977, Studio 31 has gained international recognition as an award-winning graphic design firm in the publishing and advertising arts.

As experienced specialists in design and production, we take pride in giving rigorous personal attention to every project. Our state-of-the-art technology and proficient artists offer you the latest digital advantages in a cross-platform environment. Your quality, reputation, and scheduling needs are our first priority throughout the creative process, from manuscript to bound book.

Our accomplished artists use the latest in high-powered electronic pre-press equipment, building upon design experience that extends from the days of hot-metal composition.

Design: From the simplest text design to the most complex graphics, including concept development, art research, cover, jacket, and binding die design. We offer a wide range of production expertise – from business cards to trade show displays, logos, stationary, brochures, catalogs, order
forms, press kits, and display advertising. We can fulfill all your design needs.

Typesetting: From manuscript, disk, or email. We use Macintosh-based typesetting software and offer a type library of over 2000 fonts.

Scanning: Including color or black & white, either produced in-house, or through our wide network of suppliers of high-resolution color separations.

Printing and Binding: We offer supervision and full print management of production through bound books with tested printing sources.

Editorial Services: Writing, editing, translation and proofreading.

Photography: Color or black & white, live or product, studio or location for ads, covers, jackets, text, brochures, and press kits.

Illustration: Color or black & white for all your print needs.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR): We have partnered with a high capacity OCR house that has proven to be economical and reliable, as well as extremely accurate in text data capture from printed material.

Ebook Creation: We can create files in ePub and Kindle/Mobi formats at reasonable prices with consummate accuracy.


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