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An introduction to James Wasserman, founder of Studio 31.


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President of Studio 31, James Wasserman has produced hundreds of books and thousands of ads, catalogs, magazines, promotional materials, book covers, and other print products since 1977.

Jim discovered his love of book production and graphic design in the mid-1970s while serving for four years as General Manager of Samuel Weiser, Inc.—then the world’s largest publisher of esoteric literature.

From business cards to trade show displays, Studio 31’s versatility and commitment to excellence have earned us several Benjamin Franklin awards; a feature article in 1994  in Upper & Lower Case Magazine (U&lc)—the journal of the world-renowned International Typeface Corporation; and in Art & Antiques Magazine in 2011.

Our benchmark edition of The Egyptian Book of the Dead was featured in a special two-hour History Channel broadcast in 2006. (Our restoration of the Papyrus of Ani is discussed in some detail in the illustrated essay A Treasure of Antiquity Reborn.

In addition to his decades of practice as a book designer, James Wasserman has written a number of works in the fields of History, Art, Esoteric Philosophy, and Politics. He has edited and produced a series of guidebooks on Esotericism, participated in numerous publications of Aleister Crowley’s writings, and co-written a screenplay on secret societies during the Crusades.

He has been featured on The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, and The History Channel, and been a guest on numerous radio broadcasts and podcasts. In 2009, he addressed the National Press Club on esoteric symbolism.

Wasserman has been a member of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) since 1976. He founded Tahuti Lodge in New York City in 1979, and served as the Order’s Grand Secretary General from 1985 to 1986. He has since been extensively involved in East Coast regional development,  conducted classes and workshops on the Gnostic Mass throughout the United States, and released a book and six-part training video on the subject. He has recently completed a history of the modern O.T.O. for Ibis Press with an accompanying video lecture.

Married to artist and author Nancy Wasserman, he has two grown children and an orange cat named Bernie.

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